Cellular blinds

At Littlehampton Blinds we are excited to be able to offer our range of Cellular blinds. With their unique honeycomb design, created by more than 20 years of research and development, Cellular blinds provide unrivalled additional energy-saving benefits. The honeycomb construction means that air is trapped resulting in significant thermal insulation properties, giving you complete control of the temperature of your room whatever the weather – cool in summer and warmer in winter.

With up to 46% more retained heat, you could save as much as 25% on your winter heating bill. Cellular blinds also eliminate up to 45% of external noise, leaving you with a quieter, more peaceful home environment.

Our range comes in varying levels of opacity, from sheer to blackout, and a massive choice of colours and textures. Like all of our blinds, Cellular blinds are custom-made to your individual requirements and professionally fitted by our experts.

Cellular blinds are not only stylish but Child-Safe too.

• We ensure any control cords or chains are not set below the limit of the child safety Regulations.
• Safety devices are used to prevent hazardous cord or chain looping, removing the risk of strangulation.
Further information on Child Safety Law and the Child Safety Devices we use is available upon request, please ask in store or during your home consultation.

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A faultless service. They are very reliable and provided a good deal.

Pat - Littlehampton

Absolutely fantastic. They are informative and patient. 100% recommend.

Rebecca - Worthing

Brilliant workmanship and they are very good. I would recommend to anyone.

Marian - Littlehampton
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With the unique construction of Cellular Blinds, they allow the sunlight to stream through, brightening your home while still maintaining much-needed privacy. With a range of colour options, the blinds can provide a colourful glow that coordinates with your interior design. Furthermore, the variety of the colours and textures of the Cellular Blinds ensure the perfect balance between of harmonious light diffusion and privacy and discretion from neighbours. Alternatively, Cellular Blinds also come with a blackout option for optimal sleeping. This makes Cellular Blinds the ideal blinds for any room in the house.

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Cellular Blinds are an increasingly popular choice thanks to their versatility. The team at Littlehampton Blinds can fit our range of Cellular Blinds in any window. They are ideal for small windows, skylights and speciality shapes such as circles, sidelights and arches. The blinds are the perfect choice for those awkward spaces and can be made to fit any window. As always, our team are on hand for advice and ensuring the perfect fit for your window.

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Improve your energy efficiency while reducing your energy bills with the innovative Cellular Blinds. The unique honeycomb design of the blinds works to trap air, preventing heat from escaping from the windows and adding another layer on vital insulation for rooms. In fact, studies show that with Cellular Blinds, 46% more heat is retained, even with double glazed windows. Meaning Cellular Blinds not only look stylish but are effective, eco-friendly energy savers too.

Cellular Blinds 6

Ensuring you can maximise light, style and privacy with the innovative top-down, bottom-up blind operating system. With this system, you can maintain privacy and discretion in your home while still allowing light to stream in from the upper portion of the window. The operating system provides complete flexibility for your needs and ensures you get the look you want and the sunlight or shade that you prefer. What’s more, the operating system is completely child-safe with meticulously strict adherence to the Child Safety Regulations so that you can have complete peace of mind too.

Cellular Blinds 7

The blinds look incredibly stylish with a range of gorgeous colour options, tasteful textures and stunning patterns that suit any décor and interior design style. The Littlehampton Blinds team will be able to guide you through all of the samples so you can find the perfect choice for every single room. While the blinds are made for admiring, they also have the ability to almost disappear into a small stack shape, so you can make the most of the daylight and can hide the blinds behind a small, decorative valance.

Cellular Blinds 8

The experienced team at Littlehampton Blinds can help you to find that right blinds that enhance your interior design. Whatever shape, size, design or colour you want, Cellular Blinds have the versatility and flexibility to suit every room and every home. Our experts will be on hand to help guide you through the process of deciding on colours to completing the installation of the blinds. Our aim is to ensure that we achieve your dream look.

Cellular Blinds 9

Keeping you cool in summer and warm in the winter, the innovative honeycomb design provides the perfect level of insulation ensuring you always have a pleasant room temperature, whatever the season. What’s more, the honeycomb design also helps to provide a 99% elimination of harmful UV rays too. As well as keeping harsh sunlight out, the blinds offer 45% sound reduction, ideal for noisy neighbourhoods and ensure your home remains restful and tranquil.

Cellular Blinds 10

Cellular Blinds provide the perfect balance of style, elegance and energy efficiency. You do not have to compromise your dream interior design in order to slash your energy bills. Simple, stylish and effective, the Cellular Blinds suit every home and style regardless of the age of the property and its features. Our team offer made to measure blind fitting, ideal for all unusually shaped windows. Our installation team will ensure that your blinds have a perfect fit every time for your complete satisfaction. With over 25 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our high standards and friendly service.

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To see the unique construction of Cellular Blinds for yourself, you can visit us in store. However, for your complete convenience, Littlehampton Blinds also provide free home consultations. Our experienced and friendly advisors will be able to show you a range of samples as well as completing a measuring service, to ensure your custom-made blinds are completely perfect. With a range of colours and textures, you will be spoilt for choice and our team are always on hand to offer advice to help you achieve your desired look.

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Cellular Blinds work to insulate your home by creating long open channels across the window that traps the air. This can then insulate the room against hot, stuffy summer air and the harsh coldness of winter. The R-value, which is the measurement of the resistance of shade to transfer heat, can rise to seven with the installation of cellular blinds while double glazing has an R-value of 3.5. Simply get in touch with us to arrange your FREE NO obligation consultation.

Our blinds are not only stylish but Child Safe too

  • We ensure any control cords or chains are not set below the limit of the child safety regulations
  • Safety devices are used to prevent hazardous cord or chain looping, removing the risk of strangulation

Further information on Child Safety Law and the Child Safety Devices we use is available upon request, please ask in store or during your home consultation.