Help protect your staff from Covid-19 

The Rollerscreen is a low-cost solution which is very easy to fix and install. It gives you the chance to protect any staff members who might be working behind counters or even behind cash registers. Any coughs and sneezes are stopped by the screen, thus preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Rollerscreen 1

The Rollerscreen is perfect for environments which include hardware stores, pharmacies, banks, takeaways, supermarkets and more. The Rollerscreen fixes to the ceiling and it hangs down, providing your staff with the chance to manually operate when the screen is down.

Rollerscreen 2

Provides protection

Social distancing is now in place, with everyone doing their bit to avoid another lockdown. Now things are opening up, it’s more important than ever for you as a business owner to protect your staff as much as possible, by controlling the virus and giving your customers the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable visiting your workplace.

Option to consider

Did you know that there is also side guide wiring available as well? So you can add some rigidity to your installation without compromising the aesthetic appearance of your workspace.

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Quick to install

Lightweight, simple to install and most of all, safe. The Rollerscreen doesn’t require a specialist fitting and you only need two people, a drill and a few screws. The screens can be up in as little as 10 minutes, meaning that it is the perfect solution for any business that wants to provide their staff with a level of protection.

Simple to clean

Rollerscreen is made up of a clear plastic screen and plastic components. It’s super easy to clean and sanitise, not to mention that it can be sanitised with a diluted detergent. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that you dry the screen properly before you roll it up.

Options to consider

Did you know that Rollerscreens can be supplied with a variety of control options? This can include cranks or chains. With so many customisable options available and a made-to-measure design, it’s safe to say that you won’t find anything else that matches the Rollerscreen in terms of practicality or safety.

Made to measure

Rollerscreens can be made to fit any space you have. This makes them especially suited to banks or supermarkets, where space may be limited. Rollerscreens are designed to protect the aesthetic appeal of your business while keeping your team safe, not to mention that the sizing options make it very easy for you to integrate them into your business layout.

Easy to use 

he Rollerscreen is fully operated by a robust plastic mechanism. They come complete with a detachable handle which always helps you to ensure a smooth level of control. The translucent film is locked into the groove which is inside the barrel, and it has a white bottom bar which keeps the screen nice and taut.
The Rollerscreen can be wound up and stored for when it is needed in the future, not to mention that it has way more practicality when compared to fixed screens.

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