Luxaflex Duette Shades

For the ideal combination of function, convenience and beauty, look no further than our Duette Shades. With their unique cellular structure and modern appearance, these blinds look at home in any property. Capture light in your home with our transparent fabrics, enhance your privacy with translucent shades or insulate yourself from sound and light with room darkening shades. Each of our shades is made to measure in our Sussex blinds shop. If all that wasn’t fantastic enough, our Luxaflex TruFit system also means there’s no drilling required when we fit your bespoke blinds to your windows.

Unique Structure and Design

Duette Shades offer so much more than just an aesthetically pleasing way to control the amount of light in your home. They feature a unique cell structure that creates an insulating barrier against the outside world. Soften background noise and regulate the temperature in your room with these beautiful made to measure blinds. Luxaflex Duette blinds make your home more energy efficient, saving you money on electricity bills.

Enhance the Way Your Home Looks

Luxaflex Duette Shades don’t just look great against your windows. They serve an important purpose as well. Choose from three fabric types – transparent, translucent, and room darkening – to enhance the mood, ambiance, and light level of any room in your home. We stock a wide range of varied, yet cohesive colours and fabric options. Manage the light levels in any room, while maintaining a harmonious visual landscape throughout the house. Duette Blinds are so much more than just a shade; they’re a vital part of your interior design.

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what your chosen aesthetic for your home is, we’ve got the Duette shades to match. As a bespoke blind company, we work with homeowners from all walks of life to ensure that they achieve exactly the right balance between aesthetic and function for their homes. Regardless of the layout, design, or age of your home, we can help you create the look and feel you want with our made to measure blinds.

We’d love to show you around our collection of blinds in Sussex. Spend an hour or two with us and find out why Luxaflex Duette Blinds are among the best in the world. Book an appointment here.

Transform any Windows

The great thing about our Duette shades is the fact that they don’t require drilling or fixing when they’re being installed. This makes them a highly efficient and user-friendly option. It’s never been quicker or easier to transform your uPVC windows and doors with the innovative Luxaflex TruFit system. A simple, yet effective way to fit blinds, shutters and shades in your home.

The Luxaflex TruFit system features child safe handles and provides the ideal solution for tilt-and-turn windows. Easy to install and operate, it can be removed and replaced in a flash when your windows need to be cleaned.