Luxaflex Duette Shades

If you’re looking to add some beauty and aesthetic appeal to your home when you are getting your blinds fitted, we would recommend checking out our range of Duette shades. These would be a welcome addition to any home, and are shades that combine brains and beauty! With a unique design and natural aesthetic, these shades would look at home in any property, and will always enhance any room they are in.

Unique Structure and Design

Duette Shades offer so much more than simply a good looking way of keeping out light. Indeed, with the unique cell structure of these made to measure blinds, they are able to soften background noise, as well as actually helping to regulate the temperature of the room too!  So, you get something that looks wonderful and can help you to be incredibly energy efficient in the process as well!

Enhance the Way Your Home Looks

Another thing that makes Duette Shades such a wonderful addition to any home is the fact that they look great, but they also serve a purpose as well. The three fabric transparencies that make up part of our design ensure that the shades enhance the mood, ambiance, and light level of any room. This allows homeowners to manage the light levels in any given room, and continue to keep a cohesive visual landscape throughout the house. This is so much more than just a shade; it’s a vital part of interior design.

We’ve Got You Covered

No matter the layout, design, aesthetics, age, or complexity of your home, we can provide solutions that will allow you to integrate the best possible Duette Shades throughout the home. With our made to measure blinds, we can work with homeowners from all walks of life to ensure that they get exactly the look and feel they want for their property moving forward. No matter the look and feel you want to go for in your home, our Duette Shades are among the leading choices in the world of blinds, and we highly recommend you check them out as best you can.

Transform any Windows

The great thing about our Duette Shades is the fact that they don’t require work in the form of drilling or fixing, and this makes them highly efficient and user-friendly. Your uPVC windows and doors can be transformed with consummate ease, and the addition of these is going to ensure you have a home that looks as great as possible. This is something you are going to have to make the most of, and it’s a wonderful way of finding exactly the right balance and visual style in your home. Making the most of our TruFit system is going to absolutely transform your home and increase the ease with which you can fit blinds, shutters, and shades.