Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters

Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters are perfect for rooms in your home that frequently get wet or humid – for example, bathrooms and kitchens. These timeless window dressings are energy efficient, fire retardant, and child safe (no cords). Get the timeless aesthetic of classic wooden shutters – without the expense and upkeep.

Built to Last, Made to Impress.

The craftsmanship of these stunning shutters makes them the perfect addition to any room in your home. Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters are more versatile and durable than their real wood counterparts. 

The Luxaflex brand speaks for itself and needs no introduction. We’re so confident in our shutters, we offer a 10 year guarantee with each one – they won’t warp, crack, fade, peel, or chip. These high quality made to measure shutters are manufactured right here in the UK and installed by our friendly experts. 

Comfort & Ambience

Faux Wood Interior Shutters don’t just provide advanced light control and improved privacy. Your Luxaflex shutters also help to soften ambient noise from outside. They create a barrier between you and the outside world, so you can experience better sleep and a quieter home.

But that’s not all – the clever design of Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters traps air between the shutter and your window. This reduces heat loss in the winter and reduces heat gain in the summer. A more comfortable living environment – all year round. 

Easy Maintenance

Nobody wants extra housework. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters looking good as new. Simply clean them with soap and water! The stainless steel hinges resist rust, keeping your shutters in mint condition for longer. 

Made to Measure Shutters

Because they’re completely bespoke, Luxaflex Faux Wood Interior Shutters can be fitted to just about any window – even those that are uniquely or awkwardly shaped. Choose from a range of finishes and customise your shutters to suit your tastes and interior decor. 


Faux Wood Interior Shutters are designed to be simple to use. The user-friendly louvres and tilt rods allow you to open, close, or tilt your shutters with ease. 

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