Luxaflex Awnings

Shield yourself from the sun’s relentless rays while creating a captivating retreat beneath the comforting shade of our awnings. Made with the finest materials, they seamlessly blend into your exterior, providing a touch of beauty and class to your patio, deck, or garden.

Whether you seek a cosy oasis for relaxation or a stylish venue for entertaining, our awnings provide the perfect canvas to transform your outdoor area into a haven of beauty and serenity. From vibrant stripes to contemporary designs, our extensive range ensures there’s an awning to complement your unique taste and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Awnings are part of our collection of external solar protection products all designed to reduce the amount of heat entering your home. By blocking the sun’s rays, Awnings can reduce the amount of heat entering your home, reducing the strain on your air conditioning system and ultimately lowering energy costs.

By providing shade and shelter, Awnings and screens can create a more comfortable outdoor environment, even on hot summer days. Our special Awnings fabrics are treated to withstand variable UK weather conditions and are built to last with premium materials.

Below are a small selection of our awning models,
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Luxaflex Awnings 1

Formosa Max

Easy to install and even easier to use, the Formosa Max sits neatly in a sleek and stylish cassette when closed but when retracted offers the perfect weather protection. An additional advantage of the Formosa Max is the possibility of using modern LED lighting which will make your terrace even more attractive and practical.

Luxaflex Awnings 2

Formosa Max with extra Valance

The Formosa Max with the addition of a retractable extra valance, means you can ensure extra privacy whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

Luxaflex Awnings 3


The Formosa is a fully cassetted system, protecting the fabric and arms against the weather. The Formosa provides excellent sun protection for terraces, balconies, shop windows and verandas

Luxaflex Awnings 4


Dimo is a sleek and stylish box Awning system and will provide sun protection across many applications including terraces, balconies, window recesses, shop windows and verandas

Luxaflex Awnings 5


Simple and refined, the Capri is a contemporary solution with a stylish cassette design to neatly fold the Awning away.

Luxaflex Awnings 6


The Monobloc Awning is a modern and classy designed system, suitable for larger projects and applications. This simple Box Awning offers elegance and simplicity to every space.

Luxaflex Awnings 7

Drop Arm

Our beautiful cassetted Drop Arm Awnings offer an ideal solution to protect your room and smaller terrace or balcony as the Awning fabric is projected forward away from the window instead of resting vertically against the facade.

Luxaflex Awnings 8

Matera Pergola

Transform your patio, deck, or garden into a versatile living space that adapts to your needs. A Pergola provides flexible options for adjustable shading, enabling you to control the amount of sunlight and airflow with ease. From creating a cool retreat on scorching summer days to embracing the warmth of gentle breezes, this outdoor living solution enhances your comfort and enjoyment.

A Pergola can be used as a stand-alone structure, or it can be integrated into a deck, patio, or garden to create a seamless outdoor living area.

The Luxaflex® Matera Pergola (with legs) and Matera Veranda are retractable Awnings combining a terrace Awning with a Pergola.

This system includes a zipped canvas for permanent tension. Options include LED lighting and powder coating.

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