Our Top Picks For 2024

2024 is all about sustainable materials, discreet smart technology, and a design ethos that is classic yet timeless. We have carefully selected products that epitomise this trend, offering you our top choices for 2024 to enhance your home. Each of the products we have chosen is bespoke and can be tailored to meet the evolving demands of contemporary living.

Indoors: Shutters

As we become collectively more conscious of our impact on the environment, the appeal of interior window shutters becomes apparent. They provide superior insulation, keeping your home warm during cold months and cool in the summer. This reduces your reliance on heating or cooling systems in your home – and that doesn’t just lower your energy costs, it also minimises your carbon footprint.

From a design perspective, shutters are extremely versatile. Whether you prefer the dramatic impact of full-height style, the practicality of tier-on-tier designs, or the charming café style, there’s a shutter to suit every taste. Shutters have a timeless appeal that complements both traditional and modern interiors. And as we move towards making more sustainable choices in our homes and beyond, shutters come into their own as one of the most durable window treatments on the market.

Outdoors: External Awnings

If your goal for 2024 is to make the most of your outdoor space, an external awning should be at the top of your list of considerations.

Our range – including the renowned Luxaflex and Markilux awnings – is designed to provide shelter and comfort all year round. During the hot summer days, awnings offer respite from the sun. In the spring and autumn, they provide shelter from drizzle and breezes.

The benefits of installing an awning go beyond just comfort. Awnings can play a crucial role in protecting your skin and furniture from the harmful effects of UV rays. For those with gardens that are overlooked by other houses, awnings are a great way to retain your privacy – allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without concern.

Outdoors: External Screens

If you’d like to weatherproof your outdoor areas – such as a balcony or a patio – an external screen is a must-have for 2024. External screens allow you to enjoy a light-filled, airy living space that straddles the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

External screens are available in a variety of materials; from acrylic canvas to screen mesh, and even clear PVC. Each offers unique benefits. Acrylic canvas has a traditional appearance, while screen mesh is ideal for keeping pesky insects at bay. Clear PVC screens, on the other hand, offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings. These screens provide privacy and weather protection, blocking the wind and the sun’s rays. They can significantly reduce the amount of heat entering your home in the summer and protect your interiors from UV damage.

Custom Craftmanship for Every Space

At the heart of our 2024 collection lies the bespoke craftsmanship that ensures a perfect fit for every space. Our shutters, awnings and screens are not off-the-shelf products but personalised creations, meticulously crafted to meet the exact dimensions of your windows and outdoor areas. Whether it’s a cosy attic window, a sprawling patio, or a uniquely angled garden space, our team works with precision and care to deliver products that blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture.

At Littlehampton Blinds, we believe that the best choices are those that stand the test of time, both in terms of looks and performance. Our shutters, awnings and external screens are stylish and built to serve you well over the years. We’re here to help you create a home that’s as sustainable as it is inviting – a place that stays looking great and feeling comfortable for a long time.

If you’re looking for inspiration, click to browse our collection of shutters, awnings, and external screens. Got a question for us? Get in contact or book an appointment at our showroom in West Sussex.

Our Top Picks For 2024

2024 is all about sustainable materials, discreet smart technology, and a design ethos that is classic yet timeless. We have carefully selected products that epitomise

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