Luxaflex Pirouette Shades

Turn harsh light into soft light and view the outside world while maintaining your privacy with Luxaflex Pirouette Shades.

Playing With Light

Pirouette blinds are made of coloured fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing. The vanes open and close simultaneously for a graceful effect. Featuring a sleek and seamless design with no visible cords.

Versatile Options

Effortlessly change the mood of your room with Pirouette shades. These made to measure blinds can be raised completely for an unobstructed view or lowered for privacy. In addition, the vanes can be open, contoured, or closed to create different aesthetics.

Pirouette Fabric

Pirouette blinds are known for having a beautiful and varied range of fabrics to choose from. Choose sheer fabrics to diffuse light, or room-darkening fabrics to eliminate glare. These made to measure blinds are stocked in both neutrals and statement colours, so you can design your home exactly the way you want it. Silk, satin or linen options. 

Sun Protection

ClearView fabric protects your soft furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun. Blocks up to 81% of UV rays with the vanes open, and 99% when the vanes are closed.


Providing child-safe blinds and shutters is one of our top priorities. Pirouette shades are available with retractable cords to eliminate the chance of any mishaps. PowerView motorisation options also available.

PowerView Motorisation

Our blinds are not only stylish but Child Safe too

  • We ensure any control cords or chains are not set below the limit of the child safety regulations
  • Safety devices are used to prevent hazardous cord or chain looping, removing the risk of strangulation

Further information on Child Safety Law and the Child Safety Devices we use is available upon request, please ask in store or during your home consultation.