Luxaflex Pirouette Shades

The soft fabrics of our Pirouette Shades are perfect for helping to transform the light as much as possible, and this makes them a welcome addition to any home.

Playing With Light

The beauty and elegance of the Pirouette Shades complements the joyous and delightful beams of light as they peek through the window. Capturing the special beauty of quality fabric combined with the warm sunlight, the Pirouette enhances the qualities of both.

The Mood of the Room

The mood of a room and a home is so important, and you would be surprised by how much of an impact the Pirouette Shades can have on the mood and feel of a room. Combining the sunlight with the other features within the room, they’re a great way of improving aesthetics.

Soft Light

Softening the light can have a huge impact on the way your home looks, and there are so many great qualities that Pirouette Shades can provide you with. The excellent fabric works to filter and disperse the natural light in the best possible way.

Sun Protection

Our Pirouette Shades give you the perfect opportunity to allow you to enjoy the natural light, while at the same time offering much-needed protection from the sun, by way of the excellent UV filter technology.

Amazing Innovation

The amazing bespoke design of our Pirouette Shades makes them the ideal window dressing for any room, and we have many different designs, styles, and colours to choose from. This is the perfect stylish window treatment to complement any home.


The different tones we offer with our blinds can help to improve the tone and mood of a room. Making the right choice of tone is so important for helping to enhance and change the quality of light.


Safety is a massive concern for a lot of those using blinds and shutters, and we are focused on this. Our home motorisation, combined with retractable UltraGlide cord, are essential for making a child-safe product.

PowerView Motorisation

Our blinds are not only stylish but Child Safe too

  • We ensure any control cords or chains are not set below the limit of the child safety regulations
  • Safety devices are used to prevent hazardous cord or chain looping, removing the risk of strangulation

Further information on Child Safety Law and the Child Safety Devices we use is available upon request, please ask in store or during your home consultation.