Luxaflex Sonnette Shades

Luxaflex Sonnette Shades® have all the insulating properties of honeycomb blinds, but with the simple elegance you know and love in a roller blind.

Featuring two layers of high-quality fabric to soften light and increase the energy efficiency of your home. But Sonnette Shades don’t just insulate you from the varying temperatures outdoors – they also insulate you from sound, helping you sleep, relax or work in a calmer environment.

When it comes to the fabric, the choice is yours: opt for semi-opaque fabrics for a gorgeous ambient glow in your room, or a room-darkening fabric for extra privacy and light control.

Each Sonnette Shade is made to measure, so you can fit them to just about any window in your home. French doors, bay windows, full length windows… the list is endless!

Enjoy effortless operation with the convenient PowerView Motorisation system. Control your Sonnette Shades with a simple touch or set automated schedules. It’s never been easier or more convenient to take control of your home.