Awnings are an effective and elegant way to optimise both indoor and outdoor space. Whatever the size or style, we all love to spend time in the garden and shade and shelter are desirable elements in any outside space.  Whether you are hosting a get-together with friends, entertaining the grandchildren in the fresh air,  or simply relaxing with the Sunday papers. Extend the dining room into your garden to provide shelter and shade for the perfect al-fresco dinner party, or create an outdoor office-space to make working from home feel a bit less of a chore.

Choose from a variety of colours, fabrics and styles to personalise your patio – bold colours for a Mediterranean feel, stripes to bring the Seaside home, or pastels to enhance a traditional country garden. Awnings offer a flexible outdoor shading system allowing you protection from bright sunshine and maximising the potential of your external space. If it’s time to give your garden room to grow, an Awning from our collection could be the next step.

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Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds
Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

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Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

Using plain colour to complement and contrast with the walls and paving this fully-adjustable Awning creates a chic bistro setting which can instantly adapt to changing sunshine levels.

Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

Even a modest outside space can be enhanced with an Awning from our range. Stripes, bolds and pastels can all be used to enhance the existing character of the space and are especially popular for south-facing locations where shade is limited. Our friendly and experienced team will help you to select your ideal design and will professionally install your custom-made Awning to the highest possible standard.

Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

Awnings give you the ability to create a cool, welcoming outside space allowing you to achieve optimum levels of sunshine, warmth and shade depending upon your need and time of day. Our extensive range of fabrics, styles and colours mean that you can choose an Awning to fit any size and which complements the existing character of your home and garden.

Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

Stripes are a classical, popular style and are a great way to add depth and focus to your Awning. Colours can either be used to match building features or to highlight existing outdoor features.

Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

For larger areas, Awnings can be grouped and matched to provide consistency and complete flexibility offering partial or full shading options. Our experienced team are ready to help you to choose the perfect set-up for your needs from our beautiful range.

Awnings - Littlehampton Blinds

Whatever your garden style, an Awning can offer additional space for eating, working or relaxing. With complete control of light and warmth, even the smallest of spaces can be brought into use.  Bright, crisp stripes bring a touch of continental chic to this plain corner space creating the perfect spot for an intimate al-fresco dining area. Our Awnings are low-maintenance with easy-to-use controls, allowing you to transform the space in seconds, especially handy in our famously unpredictable climate.