Cellular & Pleated Blinds

Revamp your living spaces with Littlehampton Blinds' array of cellular and pleated blinds.

Meticulously designed to impart a modern, clutter-free allure. Our curated collection reflects contemporary tastes, seamlessly blending functionality with sophistication.

Indulge in the seamless operation of our sleek Cellular and Pleated blinds, offering both style and dependability. With a user-friendly system, you wield complete mastery over light and shade, catering to your every shading necessity.

Tailored to your exact specifications, our bespoke blinds ensure a perfect fit for your home. Transform your interiors with our diverse range of cellular and pleated blinds, available in an array of hues and textures tailored to your unique aesthetic preferences.

Featuring SPC® (Solar Protective Coating) treated fabrics, our blinds boast cutting-edge solar and optical properties. Diminish glare, filter light, and mitigate heat accumulation with these innovative materials. Moreover, our ESP® (Energy and Solar Protection) blackout coating delivers superior sunlight defence, guaranteeing heightened privacy and temperature management.

Revamp your living spaces with Littlehampton Blinds' array of cellular and pleated blinds.

From blackout selections to high-performance fabrics, we offer bespoke solutions for every room. Experience the efficiency of cellular blinds, which not only elevate your decor but also contribute to energy conservation. Their distinctive honeycomb structure forms a thermal barrier, enhancing insulation and reducing energy expenditure.

For optimal thermal efficacy, pair cellular blinds with our Perfect Fit® system. Meanwhile, our pleated blinds showcase an elegant concertina-like design, suitable for standard and irregularly shaped windows alike. Selected fabrics boast innovative solar reflectance, ensuring year-round climate control and comfort within your space.

Discover the energy-saving benefits of Cellular blinds at Littlehampton Blinds. Crafted through extensive research and development, their unique honeycomb design offers unparalleled insulation, ensuring year-round comfort.

Experience up to 46% more retained heat with Cellular blinds, potentially reducing winter heating costs by 25%. Additionally, revel in a quieter home environment, with these blinds eliminating up to 45% of external noise.

Select from a range of opacities, spanning from sheer to blackout, and explore our extensive palette of colours and textures. Just like all our blinds, Cellular blinds are custom-made to your specifications and expertly installed by our team.

Not only are Cellular blinds stylish, but they also prioritise child safety. We strictly adhere to safety regulations, ensuring that control cords and chains are positioned out of reach. Safety devices are integrated to prevent hazardous looping, mitigating the risk of accidents. For more information on Child Safety Law and our safety measures, feel free to inquire during your consultation.