Luxaflex Awnings

Our Awnings boast advanced fabric technology, safeguarding colours from fading and featuring UV treatment to block out the sun’s rays as you relish your time outdoors. Choose from our Electric Awning options, offering customisable solutions with extendable and retractable arms, integrated LED lighting, and heating options for a personalised touch.

For indoor comfort and style, our collection of Awnings provides the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics, offering privacy, light control, and insulation. Visit our showroom to explore our extensive range and discover the perfect Awning to elevate your space.

Whether you seek protection for small balconies, plant coverings, or expansive styles for poolside enjoyment, we have the perfect Awning to meet your needs. Our range encompasses sleek modern designs, models for extra-large patios, and traditional looks, ensuring that regardless of your space’s size or design preferences, you’ll discover the ideal solution in our collection.

At Littlehampton Blinds we take pride in providing products that offer both peace of mind and pleasure. Our experienced installers conduct on-site visits to ensure the perfect design for your property. As outdoor entertaining gains prominence, the popularity of pergolas is on the rise. They effortlessly transform any outdoor space into a pre-made retreat, ideal for al fresco dining, garden soirées, and relaxation in the sun or shade throughout the day and evening.

A Luxaflex® Pergola not only shields you from the sun but creates a functional living space that can be enjoyed year-round, extending the time you spend outdoors. The unique design of our Pergolas allows you to control light with a stylish louvred roof, providing optimum light control for a truly exceptional outdoor experience.

Visit our showroom today to explore our stunning collection and turn your vision into reality.

Formosa Max

Introducing the Formosa Max by Luxaflex, a premier choice for your outdoor shading needs. Engineered for convenience and style, this awning effortlessly enhances your outdoor space while providing exceptional weather protection. When closed, it elegantly resides in a sleek cassette, and when retracted, it offers optimal shelter from the elements.

One of the Formosa Max’s standout features is its compatibility with modern LED lighting, elevating the ambiance of your terrace with both allure and practicality. Built with durability in mind, this awning boasts UV-resistant fabric, shielding you from harmful sun rays and ensuring worry-free enjoyment of your outdoor haven.

Ease of use is paramount with the Formosa Max. Its intuitive design makes installation a breeze, and its minimal maintenance requirements mean you can savor your outdoor oasis without the hassle of constant upkeep. Plus, with the option to add a powered valance, you gain even greater control over shade and scenery, effortlessly adjusting coverage with the touch of a button.

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor living with the Luxaflex Formosa Max Awning with Powered Valance. Its stylish design, durability, and customizable sunlight and rain control set it apart as the ideal solution for enhancing your outdoor space in the UK.

At Littlehampton Blinds, we’re dedicated to helping you explore this exceptional shading solution. Whether you prefer an in-person showroom visit or a virtual consultation, our experts stand ready to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Formosa Max by Luxaflex today.


Discover the unparalleled versatility and protection offered by the Capri awning from Littlehampton Blinds. Designed to safeguard your outdoor components with precision, this model ensures optimal performance and longevity for your shading solutions. This innovative system extends its reach to provide sun protection for a multitude of spaces, including terraces, balconies, window recesses, shop windows, and verandas. Simple and refined, the Capri is a contemporary solution with a stylish cassette design to neatly fold the awning arms and fabric away.


Elevate your outdoor living experience with the timeless charm and versatility of pergolas, a hallmark of contemporary outdoor entertaining. At Littlehampton Blinds, we’re proud to showcase the Luxaflex® Pergolas, an epitome of sophistication and functionality that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

As outdoor gatherings gain popularity, pergolas emerge as the go-to choice for transforming gardens into inviting retreats. Whether it’s al fresco dining, socializing with loved ones, or simply basking in the beauty of nature, a pergola provides the perfect setting for any occasion. Luxaflex® takes it a step further by offering pergolas that not only provide sun protection but also create an all-year-round functional living space, allowing you to make the most of every moment outdoors.

With a louvred roof design, Luxaflex® Pergolas offer adjustable light control, empowering you to tailor your outdoor space to your exact preferences. Whether you desire ample sunlight or a shaded sanctuary, these pergolas adapt effortlessly to your needs, ensuring comfort and enjoyment throughout the day.

Transform your patio, deck, or garden into a versatile living area that seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Our pergolas provide flexible options for adjustable shading, allowing you to control the amount of sunlight and airflow with ease. Whether standalone or integrated into existing structures, these pergolas blend seamlessly into your outdoor space, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Discover the Luxaflex® Matera Pergola and Matera Veranda at our beautiful showroom, where you can explore firsthand the elegance and innovation that define these retractable awnings. With features such as zipped canvas for permanent tension, LED lighting options, and powder coating for durability, Luxaflex® Pergolas offer unparalleled quality and performance.

Visit us today to experience the perfect marriage of style and functionality with Luxaflex® Pergolas from Littlehampton Blinds. Transform your outdoor oasis into a haven of comfort and sophistication, and make every moment spent outdoors truly unforgettable.