Specialist Blinds

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Perfect Fit/No Drill Blinds

Looking to upgrade your window coverings? Look no further than Perfect Fit blinds. These blinds offer a hassle-free installation process with no drilling or screwing required, preserving your window frames while adding a sleek, modern touch to your decor. They’re compatible with various blind types, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your taste. Plus, Perfect Fit blinds provide the perfect balance of shade and ventilation, moving seamlessly with your windows and doors for added convenience. Safety is also a priority, with a child-safe design that eliminates hanging loops or cords. With improved insulation and light control, these blinds offer both style and functionality for any room in your home.

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Gable End Blinds

Gable blinds are the perfect solution for uniquely shaped windows, offering efficient insulation and effortless operation. Made with cellular fabrics, these blinds provide excellent insulation to keep your home comfortable year-round. Complete motorisation ensures smooth, easy operation at the touch of a button, while quick installation means no mess or fuss. Enjoy enhanced privacy and light control with reduced gaps and a fitted frame design. With versatile options and stylish designs, Gable blinds are a practical and attractive choice for any home.

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Conservatory Blinds

Transform your conservatory into a year-round usable space with our stylish blind collection. Crafted with cutting-edge thermal-efficient fabrics, these blinds offer both style and functionality. Perfect Fit installation ensures a seamless fit, while customisable options allow you to choose your preferred control method and blind style. With over 20 different options available, you can find the perfect blinds to complement your conservatory decor. From pleated to cellular blinds, our collection offers something for everyone.


Elevate Your Home with Seamless Integration: Littlehampton Blinds Smart Home Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are key priorities for homeowners. With Littlehampton Blinds’ cutting-edge smart home integration solutions, you can transform your living space into a hub of modern comfort and convenience. Our innovative systems seamlessly integrate with popular voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Apple Home, putting control of your home environment at your fingertips.

Experience the ultimate convenience as you effortlessly adjust your blinds with simple voice commands. Whether you’re relaxing on the couch, preparing a meal in the kitchen, or entertaining guests, managing your blinds has never been easier. With compatibility across multiple platforms, you have the flexibility to choose the voice assistant that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

But our smart home integration goes beyond voice control. Littlehampton Blinds offers seamless compatibility with leading automation platforms such as Lutron, KNX, and Control 4. With these advanced systems, you can synchronise your blinds with other smart devices in your home, creating a cohesive and intelligent ecosystem.

Imagine waking up to natural sunlight streaming through your windows as your blinds automatically adjust to greet the day. Or effortlessly setting the perfect ambiance for movie night with synchronised control of your blinds, lighting, and entertainment system. With Littlehampton Blinds’ integration capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

Not only do our smart home solutions enhance convenience and comfort, but they also offer greater energy efficiency and security for your home. By automating your blinds based on factors like time of day or sunlight intensity, you can reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs. And with remote access capabilities, you can monitor and control your blinds from anywhere, providing peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

At Littlehampton Blinds, we understand that every home is unique. That’s why we offer customisable solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing blinds or outfitting a new home with smart technology, our expert team is here to help you every step of the way.

Our suppliers include:

Click here for the Somfy Showroom

Enjoy unparalleled convenience with Somfy motorisation, featuring: Effortless control at the touch of a button, from anywhere. Whisper-quiet operation for a serene environment. Seamless integration with popular smart home systems.

Luxaflex PowerView: Intelligent and Customisable Window Coverings

Step into the future with Luxaflex PowerView, offering: Effortless operation via remote control or voice commands. Convenient mobile app for remote access and individual blind control. Personalised scene management to match your preferences. Seamless integration with major smart home systems. Click here to learn more about Luxaflex PowerView

Louvolite® One Touch® Technology: Luxury Made Affordable

Discover a new standard of luxury with Louvolite® One Touch® motorised electric blinds, boasting: Innovative yet accessible technology for modern homes and offices. Child-safe design eliminates the need for operating cords or chains. Simple, convenient operation via a unique wand or remote control. Easy installation with battery-operated solutions, removing the need for mains wiring.

Elevate your home with Littlehampton Blinds’ smart home integration solutions today. Experience the convenience, comfort, and peace of mind that come with a truly connected home environment. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can transform your living space into a smarter, more efficient haven.