How Can Commercial Blinds and Awnings Benefit Your Business?

commercial pergola for hospitality business

In today’s competitive market, standing out is more important than ever – especially for businesses with physical storefronts. Commercial blinds, awnings, and pergolas not only improve the visual appeal of your establishment but also provide practical benefits for your company. From branding opportunities to creating comfortable environments, let’s explore how these installations can be game-changers for your business.

Branding opportunities

Awnings, blinds and pergolas can all be used to make your business stand out from the rest. On the high street, they can be great ways to let customers know where you are and whether you are open for business. Commercial awnings can be created in any colour, with the name of your business or logo digitally printed on it. Commercial pergolas provide a unique space for branded events or displays, further promoting your brand. And of course, they also double up as an attractive shaded area for your customers to spend time in.

How can commercial awnings and pergolas benefit your hospitality business?

More space to use

By providing shade and shelter, commercial awnings and pergolas allow your hospitality business to utilise outdoor space more effectively. Especially with our famously changeable British weather!

An awning or pergola increases your available seating capacity, leading to potentially higher revenue for your business. You can use commercial awnings to create defined outdoor seating areas for your customers to enjoy.

Commercial pergolas, in particular, excel at taking an otherwise unremarkable area of your premises and turning it into an attractive space for al fresco dining or even private events.

Comfier for your guests

Guest comfort is vital to the success of any hospitality business. This is especially true for pubs, where ideally, you’d like your customers to stay for a long time drinking and enjoying themselves.

Commercial awnings or pergolas offer protection from the elements. Of course, they create welcome shade on sunny days. But they also provide shelter from unexpected drizzle and gusts of wind. Commercial pergolas are excellent choices for pubs as you can even add ambient lighting or heaters to improve guest comfort as they spend time outside.

Stylish accessories for your building

With the rise in image and video-based social media platforms, aesthetic cafes and restaurants are having a real moment. Installing commercial awnings around your building can give your business a cohesive, attractive appearance. You can use bright colours and patterns to draw extra attention and increase kerb appeal. Or you can choose muted colours that allow the architecture of your building to speak for itself.

Protect your outdoor furniture

If you’ve just invested in a brand new set of outdoor furniture for your business, you probably want to ensure you get a decent return on your investment. Part of that includes keeping all of your outdoor equipment in good condition so you can go longer without replacing it or spending more money on costly maintenance.

Of course, commercial awnings and pergolas both excel at protecting your outdoor furniture from the rain. But did you know that the sun can also damage your outdoor furniture? UV rays can cause bleaching, warping or cracking. If your main goal is to keep your new furniture protected, commercial pergolas are a slightly better choice for this as they are permanent structures that provide protection around the clock.

How can commercial blinds benefit your office?

Comfier for your employees

Commercial blinds can do a lot to improve employee comfort – especially if your office has large windows.

Blinds can reduce glare on computer screens, creating a more agreeable working environment. With proper protection from the sun’s rays, your employees are also less likely to experience eye strain, migraines, and other discomforts.

With commercial blinds, you have precise control over the amount of natural light entering your office. You’ll be able to create more pleasant and productive working environments depending on the preferences of your staff.

Alleviate distractions and privacy concerns

During meetings about sensitive topics, it can sometimes help to have the option to close your blinds. Commercial blinds aren’t just for external windows, either – they can provide more privacy for interior windows or glass office walls.

Blinds that partially obscure views of the outside world without blocking the light completely can reduce the impact of distractions happening on the street below. Some commercial blinds even provide insulation against sound, helping you to create a calm and focused working environment if that is what your business requires.

And from a security perspective, your blinds can be closed at night to prevent potential intruders from seeing what equipment you’ve got in your workplace.

Lower your energy bills

Commercial blinds can help you keep the costs of running your office building down. They limit the amount of sunlight entering your building, which can be valuable in the summer months for lowering your energy bills. No need to crank the AC to max!

During the colder months, some commercial blinds also work to keep heat in – providing a layer of insulation to keep everyone feeling warm and comfortable.

Easy maintenance

Most blinds are fairly straightforward to maintain, which is a practical advantage in a busy office environment. If spending time on maintenance is really not one of your priorities, you can choose blinds like venetians which naturally collect less dust due to their vertical slats. But most commercial blinds can be cleaned quickly and easily with a microfibre cloth or a duster.

How can awnings and pergolas benefit a retail business?

Here in the UK, the majority of stores are entirely indoor affairs, but commercial awnings and pergolas still have some uses here. In the rare cases where part of your store is outdoors – for instance, in some home & garden stores – awnings and pergolas can prevent your stock from getting wet.

However, it’s more likely that you’d use an awning over your main storefront window on the high street. If there’s not much space in front of your shop, we recommend a small retractable awning. It’ll provide some UV protection so you can display items in your shop window without worrying about bleaching. It also reduces glare on your storefront windows so it’s easier for customers to see what you sell. Even a small awning will help keep the interior of your store cool, reducing the need for air con in the summer months. And of course, a commercial awning increases your visibility and brand recognition on the high street.

External solar shading and commercial blinds in Sussex

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