Celebrating Global Shading Day with Littlehampton Blinds

March 21st is Global Shading Day. On this day, we get together to promote environmental consciousness. We also highlight the many ways in which shading solutions can help improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

Here at Littlehampton Blinds, we’re proud to be members of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA). Together with the BBSA, we work to create and promote environmentally friendly shading solutions that are both beautiful and functional. Read on to find out more about Global Shading Day, as well as the BBSA’s role in this important sustainability mission.

Global Shading Day: an overview

Global Shading Day was created to highlight the different ways we can use shading systems to improve energy efficiency and promote sustainability across the world. In our fight against climate change, the creation of healthier interior spaces is paramount. Global Shading Day highlights the importance of incorporating eco-friendly shade systems into our architecture to lower our overall carbon emissions.

How do shading solutions help us fight climate change?

Our shading solutions are essential for managing the amount of heat and light that enters your building. You may reduce your reliance on artificial cooling methods and reduce your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by strategically positioning these devices throughout your home. Additionally, shading solutions assist you in creating more pleasant living environments by lowering glare and maintaining optimal interior temperatures. Overall, shading solutions promote eco-friendly actions that pave the way for a cleaner future.

The BBSA and Littlehampton Blinds

Here at Littlehampton Blinds, we are committed to providing high-quality and environmentally friendly shading solutions. As a member of the BBSA, we constantly work to uphold industry norms that place a high value on environmental stewardship. By applying our many years of experience and industry insights, we can help you make good decisions around sustainable shading practices in your own home.

We offer a large range of shading options that don’t just perform well, they look great too. From chic roller blinds to awnings for your garden, we’ve got it all – and we’re confident we can find something to perfectly suit your home, no matter what your personal aesthetic or style is.

What can I do to celebrate Global Shading Day?

If you’d like to get involved on March 21st, here are some things you can do:

  • Consider updating your existing shading solutions, or even add new ones to your home. Contact us at Littlehampton Blinds for professional advice – we’d love to help you choose the perfect pieces to complement your desires and existing home décor.
  • Get educated on the huge range of shading options available, and the various ways they can improve the energy efficiency of your home – as well as make your space look visually appealing!
  • Check out the BBSA’s online platforms to keep up to date with events and follow the latest industry trends/best practices.
  • Spread the word! Encourage others in your community to get involved by highlighting your dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly shading methods.

In our opinion, sustainable shading solutions shouldn’t just be functional. They can provide beautiful focal points for your home. So, join us on 21st March to celebrate Global Shading Day!

We’d love to help you create a home environment that is energy efficient and environmentally conscious. Contact us today to get started.

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